Cadillac Ranch is a great gem that we have in Amarillo.  Many people from all over the world stop at Cadillac Ranch when traveling I-40.  However, if you've been out there you'll notice that it isn't kept very clean.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

My family and I went out to the ranch to check it out back in July and the amount of trash that was on the ground was offensive.  People just throw their empty paint cans on the ground and their trash.  We had bought a few cans of spray paint and I still had them in the bag.  While the kids were painting on the cars, I was walking around picking up empty paint cans.  I didn't even put a dent in the trash that was on the ground.  However, at least it helped a little.

The problem is the closest trash can is by the highway by the gate and most people don't take the time to pick up their trash and walk it to the dumpster.

A few groups in town do their best to keep this awesome site cleaned up and this weekend that's what is happening and they need your help.

The Historic 6th on Route 66 Association, along with the Old Route 66 Association,  Hi-Plains Kiwanis and Boy Scout Troop #89 are teaming up and having a Cadillac Ranch Clean Up Day.

The clean up day will be this Saturday, August 26th starting at 9am.  They are asking anyone and everyone to come out and help clean up Cadillac Ranch.

 The event will happen weather permitting.

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