Okay haunt fans... Haunted house season has officially kicked off and this year we want to know who has the BEST haunted house in town. When it comes to haunted houses this is a touchy subject for some haunted house owners. It's competition between all haunts to see who is the "Big Dawg" in town. You could call it 'bad blood' between some haunts kinda like the bad blood we have against the "Copycat" so called radio-station! We all want to be on top and rated #1.

So here we go and lets find out the TRUTH on who really does have the best scare at their haunt. Now to all haunts...No Hard Feelings. The listeners will vote the truth!


Below is a list of different categories for you to vote for. Your vote counts, and at the end of October we will award a plaque to the winners of each category.

So please vote wisely and check out all the haunted houses this year.


Which haunt gave a good challenge and scare to get thru.


Which haunted house had gave you some awesome special effects.



Which one of these haunts scared the crap out of you?



Which haunt was just plain out creepy?


Where's the funnest place to hang out with the family and get some good pumpkins.


Which haunted house had the best actors



Now for the "BIG ONE"...Which haunted house was Best Overall