Ever since the Grand National Bank of St. Louis, Missouri opened the first drive-up window teller (deposits only!) way back in 1930, drive-thrus have become a symbol of modern American convenience.

Today, of course, fast food restaurants lay claim to the majority of drive-thrus and most of us use them on a regular basis. (Who actually goes into a McDonald’s these days?) But you might be surprised to learn that burgers and fries aren’t the only thing you can order from the comfort of your car.

Looking to get hitched without ever shutting off your ride? You can. Need medical attention and don’t want the hassle of looking for a parking space? That’s possible too. Hoping for, um, adult entertainment while your car idles? You got it, pervy motorist. Check out our roundup of the 10 wackiest drive-thrus in America (including a few in Canada) below.

Adams Funeral Home

Some people are far too busy to slow down, even for a funeral. Adams Funeral Home in California caters to this type of individual by laying dearly-departed loved ones to rest in a glass enclosed chamber inside a drive-thru. Completely redefines what it means to “pay your respects,” huh?

Stanford Hospital & Clinics

In 2009, Stanford Hospital & Clinics in California tested a drive-thru emergency room as a way to treat highly contagious patients, such as those suffering from swine flu or a bioterrorism attack. Amazingly, the study found that doctors were able to reduce exam time by more than an hour. See? Drive-thrus aren’t just quick; they can keep you healthy too.

A Little White Wedding Chapel

Wedding chapels with drive-thrus are nothing new in Las Vegas, but A Little White Wedding Chapel does it best. For only $179, couples get a wedding ceremony, a DVD, a dozen professional photographs, a long-stemmed rose, keepsakes and a courtesy limo. And, best of all, the newlyweds get to drive through the chapel’s Tunnel of Love, a raised structure with a ceiling decked out in cherubs. Classy! An Elvis impersonator, of course, is extra.

Main Place Christian Fellowship Prayer Booth

In 2002, an evangelical church in California took over a photo booth and began offering drive-thru prayer. Anyone in need of communing with the Lord can stop at the booth while an on-duty pastor prays through a window. In addition to free prayer, the booth gives away Bibles and bottles of water. Amen to that!

Double Shot Liquor and Guns

Got a powerful thirst for booze and an itchy trigger finger? Then Double Shot Liquor and Guns is for you. This Texas-based business offers the unlikely product pairing of both liquor and firearms via a drive-thru. It’s anybody’s guess whether DUIs and/or drive-by shootings have spiked in the area.

Climax Gentlemen’s Club

At one time, Climax Gentlemen’s Club in Pennsylvania ushered drivers down a gravel driveway to a carport, where they could watch the ladies inside through a diamond-shaped window. Alas, the club closed its doors in 2009 after the death of owner Nick Climax. But if you’re still hoping for a bit of on-the-go eye candy, there’s hope! Read on.

Cowgirls Espresso Bikini Drive-Thru

Trying to sell coffee to a Seattle resident is like trying to sell a sno-cone to an Eskimo. So, Cowgirls Espresso founder Lori Bowden needed a way to set her fledgling coffee stand business apart. Her solution? Drive-up convenience combined with bikini-clad baristas! Needless to say, her plan worked. Today, Cowgirls Espresso can be found in four locations across the country.

The Donut Hole

The Donut Hole in California doesn’t just let customers purchase doughnuts by car. It lets them drive through a giant doughnut while doing so. The business is a local landmark in the town of La Puente and has been serving up tasty treats since 1968. And with a name like “The Donut Hole,” you know it’s got to be good.

Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery

In 2006, the Vancouver Contemporary Art Gallery unveiled a drive-through exhibit where motorists could watch videos by artist Brady Cranfield. But making art easier to view didn’t necessarily make it easier to understand. “I think its kind of so deep I don’t get it,” said visitor Chris Raedcher.

Ottawa Public Library

The Ottawa Public Library in Ontario opened a 24-hour drive-thru window in 2005, providing a quick way to drop off books. Just think! No more disapproving looks from librarians as you pay off overdue fees.