The Fine Brothers are at it again by letting the elderly experiment with VR technology for the first time, showing how magical the Oculus Rift experience can be.

The latest in TheFineBros' series of introducing people to new technologies has them showing off the Oculus Rift to a group of older men and women around the age of retirement. The video starts with them trying to guess what the device does (and one of them actually guesses correctly), then they put on the device and hilarity ensues.

The first locale the Oculus Rift takes these folks to is a small house on a villa in Tuscany, and the elders rave about how everything is beautiful and lovely. One woman starts to feel queasy from the experience and has to take the headset off just from walking around the house, which makes the next segment, the roller coaster, all the more enjoyable. The roller coaster also brings our favorite line of the video: "I believe we're going to have a fast descent."

After the roller coaster the demo moves to a room where the group is sitting watching a local news broadcast...then creepiness sets in. Watching the reactions to the scares is high comedy, and it just makes us want to have an Oculus Rift available at all times for this reason. Let's hope none of those folks had a coronary during those last scenes.

Check out more of TheFineBros at their YouTube channel, where they constantly introduce both children and elders to all kinds of newfangled tech.

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