It is very dry right now around Amarillo. You might start a wild fire by accident by doing something really simple. So here are some tips to stay safe.

We are do little things that might cause fires. Some of these things are really incident. But they can be really deadly.

For example, if you are a smoker flicking ashes or a lit cigarettes butt can cause a wild fire. Especially if it lands around any dry grass or bush.

Anything you might want to be aware of is anything mental that is hanging off of your vehicle. Such as chains from a trailer for your boat. The chain can cause sparks if it comes into contact with the crowd while you’re driving. Enough of these sparks hitting a dry spot of grass could cause a problem.

Of course, be very careful with any type of open flame such as barbecues or campfires. Even the smallest spark could be disaster. Keep a bucket of water close by in case anything does happen.

Of course, if you see a fire breaking out. Keep clear of it and call the fire department right away.


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