When you leave your daughter in Dallas what do you do? I know it’s a great place for her but I still want her safe. So again what do you do? She has lived there for over two years and has always lived in safe neighborhoods. Mom still worries.

I saw a post on Facebook that was great about keeping her safe. It didn’t include getting her a security system. Living in an apartment that is not an option. I didn’t need any technology. I did see this item and how it worked and I felt she would be safe.

The item is a portable door lock. It is perfect for her apartment. It is even perfect for her to take with her when she travels. This lock is almost impossible to bust through. I feel much better. Basically you open your door and it has a piece that slips into the door brace. Then you shut the door and insert that red plastic piece into a hole on the other side. It makes it pretty hard to open up the door. I have tried it. Even without the door locked it is tough.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I am not saying it would be impossible to break in. I am saying it would be tough.

We need to make it tougher for people to get in. We need to be diligent. Even in the safest of areas extra security is always nice. I am now going to order one for my doors too. I even have a security system but the safer you can feel the better. I found these on Amazon.

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