The rain soaking we saw over the weekend put our September at 3.25 inches of the wet stuff, making it the wettest month Amarillo has seen all year, in fact, since July of 2010!

Amarillo Globe News reports that back in July, we had 8 inches hit the city.  Hey, when it's so dry in our area, 3.25 inches is a lot!


Amarillo received 3.25 inches of rain in September, more than any month since July 2010, when it received more than 8 inches, according to National Weather Service data.

The final four days of the month provided much of that total, including 0.11 inches Sunday night, Johnson said.

Rain chances have slimmed down today, but some of the Eastern portions of the Texas Panhandle still got a chance of seeing some rain this week.

We have a special celebrity guest in Amarillo today, his name is wind, and he's ruining what would otherwise be a pretty perfect day!