Earlier this summer, The Weeknd introduced a series of collaborations with Marvel, including a limited edition merch collection and a new comic book inspired by the concepts found in his Starboy album. However, the recording artist has been hit with another lawsuit regarding the self-proclaimed alter ego.

As reported by TMZ on Thursday (Nov. 15), comic book creator Eymun Talasazan has filed a new suit, claiming the idea for The Weeknd’s comic book violates a trademark he had filed after the pair discussed collaborating on the project.

According to the suit, Talasazan created a “comic book universe” in 2014 revolving around R&B stars, leading him to connect with The Weeknd’s people about joining forces.

While Starboy had already been released by the time the two discussed the possible collaboration, Talasazan claims that although they never actually worked together, The Weeknd was aware of the trademark he filed for the comic book hero. Now that the comic book has been released, Talasazan, who is repped by entertainment attorney Kirk Schenck, has moved forward pursuing legal action, claiming the Marvel comic had a “near identical premise” as what he had pitched the year prior.

“This is not a case about who created or first used the term 'Starboy,’” Schenck explained in a statement to TMZ. “This case will decide if a songwriter automatically (without filing a trademark application) obtains trademark protection for all later uses of a word, even if those later uses have nothing to do with albums, song titles, music or lyrics.”

According to the report, Talasazan is suing The Weeknd for trademark infringement and wants all copies of the singer's comic book recalled, impounded and destroyed.

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