A snappy dresser came into a Starbucks in Garland, TX, and robbed them at gunpoint on November 9th. Police are still searching for the suspect.

When you imagine the kind of people who hang out in coffee shops, their clothes are usually the most distinct. Cardigans, hats, and skinny jeans are some of the more popular clothing items you might see on coffee shop patrons.

It's unclear whether that uniform was an intentional ruse for the man who robbed a Starbucks last month.

Police released a surveillance video on Monday that shows a man, dressed quite well, robbing a Starbucks in Garland, TX.

He is said to be around 6 ft. tall, has brown eyes, brown hair, glasses, and a goatee.

If you have information about the suspect, contact the Garland Crime Stoppers at 972-272-TIPS (8477) or GarlandCrimeStoppers.org.

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