With Governor Abbott’s stay at home order due to expire April 30, Texas businesses will be allowed to open with limitations. Phase One of reopening Texas, which includes opening retail stores, restaurants, shopping malls and movie theaters. These businesses are allowed to reopen, but not required to, those businesses that do will be held to operate at 25 percent of its capacity.

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The Governor explained Phase One will focus on keeping COVID-19 vulnerable populations safe. Those considered vulnerable are still asked to stay home, if possible, and businesses are expected to limit exposure to them, along with redoubling efforts to protect those in senior living facilities.

Recreational sports are allowed to resume, but only if there are four people are less playing together and practicing social distancing. Abbott used golf and tennis as examples for this move.

Additionally, anyone with a medical license in the state of Texas can get back to work in a normal way. Hospitals are required to reserve 15 percent of beds available for a potential surge in COVID-19 patients.

For now, Abbott and his team of medical advisers have concluded it is unsafe for barbershops, hair salons, bars and gyms to reopen. However, Abbott said he is hopeful they will reopen by mid-May.

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