If you could eat something every day without suffering any consequences, what would it be?

Eating a lot pasta, potatoes, or rice will fill you up so you are less likely to eat sweets and other junk food. So those foods could help you lose weight.

But... say if you did not have to worry about calories, what would you eat everyday? Where would you go in Amarillo to get your favorite food?

Here is what some of you said.

  1. Pizza from Giovanni's or La Bella Pizza
  2. Burger's from Burger Fi
  3. Ice cream from Marble Slab Amarillo
  4.  Mexican food from La Fiesta Grande
  5. Italian Food from Vince's Italian Pizza
  6. French Fries from J's Grill and Bar
  7. Donuts from Donut Stop
  8. Cupcakes from The Ruffle Cup

What is something you want to eat everyday? Where in Amarillo would you go to find it? Tell us in the comment section below.





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