Sometimes it's just easier to put stuff in there. It makes getting what you need a little faster. Ladies, what are somethings you keep in your bra?

Guys don't enjoy having these extra pockets to hide stuff. But we do want to know what do you hide in there? Some of the answers we got from our text line and Facebook page will make you chuckle.

It seems like a ladies bra is the perfect place to stash things you need. Things like your phone, wallets, cash and even change. That sounds like it could hurt. It also could make it hard to sneak around with the jingling.

Some of the more crazier things women said they stash in their bras are keys. Wouldn't that hurt? Seems like it would.

Bras are good for stashing food too apparently. One lady said that she stashes her babies bottle in her bra. Another woman said she puts her soda in there. Crumbs seemed to be a very popular answer too. I guess you have a little snack for later on.

Some answers were a little naughty. One lady said she carry's a condom. Just in case the first date she's on is going very well.

So why stick stuff in your bra? Sometimes your pants or dress doesnt have pockets. One woman said it's simply because you can't bring a purse on the dance floor.

What are some things you hide in your bra? Tell us in the comment section below.




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