School starts soon. Parents are getting their kids ready for their first day. Some parents start to think about their first day in school. Some start to think, “I should have tried harder in that subject”.

Do you remember what class you slacked off in when you were in school? Now looking back you think, “Wow, I should have paid more attention.” For me, it was math. Like I really wished I tried harder with the advance stuff.

I am not alone. When adults were asked what subject did they wish they paid closer attention to, most said Math. Here are the other subjects they said.

  1. Math.  31% of people wish they'd paid more attention.  23% of men and 15% of women said it was the most useful class they took
  1. A foreign language, 26%.
  1. Science, 23%.
  1. History, 19%.
  1. English, 15%.
  1. Social studies, 14%.
  1. Music, 9%.
  1. Physical fitness, 8%.

A lot of the older people asked said that they wished they paid closer attention to history. Younger people said classes like gym. How hard is gym class? You just show up in your gym clothes and try to have fun.


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