It is normal to see women carry purses and its even normal, thanks to Coach and Louis Vuitton,  to see them spend extravagant amounts of money on them.  But one thing that always gets me is how big today's purses are.

I have never been a fan of big purses.  I don't really carry a lot of things so my purses are usually very small, and that is when I actually use one.  Now a days, you can't tell if its a purse or a piece of luggage.  And for some reason, it seems like the smaller the lady, the bigger the purse.

Well the other day I was having dinner with my sister and she began digging through her purse.  I can't remember what she was looking for exactly, but she pulled out all kinds of weird things.

Now I can understand her carrying her make-up, but why on earth would she need a hair straightener?  To me it seems like ladies put weird things in their purses just to fill them.  But if they just carry a smaller purse they won't have to carry a bag that weighs 50 pounds.

I am not trying to be insensitive because maybe you do need to carry around 20 different colors of Sephora lipstick and a full size bottle of Jergens lotion.  You always have to be prepared, I understand this.  I know that if I'm ever stuck on the side of the road or on an airplane I will be wishing that I had that huge purse filled with Oreos, Cheetos, a travel Uno game and tools.

So ladies and gents, what is the weirdest thing that you have carried or seen in someone's purse?

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