Can I say this coach was HUNGRY for a victory...A basketball coach whose team lost a tournament game in Springfield Friday night was charged with assault after police say he bit off a piece of the winning coach's ear. Is this guy related to Mike Tyson? What a poor sport!

Timothy Lee Forbes, 34, of 62 Catherine St., Springfield, was the assistant coach of a team playing in a tournament of sixth graders. As Police were called to the school after fight broke out.

"The biter," as police described him, fled before police arrived, but he turned himself in to police shortly before noon Monday. He was charged with mayhem, for biting the ear, assault and battery, and other charges. He was to be arraigned Monday afternoon.

The alleged biter  or vampire attacked the winning coach after the game police said. The victim, 34, was rushed to Baystate Medical Center for treatment. Both the victim and his ear made it OK.

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