Dr. Pepper is trying to become the Texas official state drink. As of right now, only one soda holds that honor. We got our hands on some and you probably have never heard of it.

You may remember a few weeks ago about me telling you about the petition for Dr. Pepper to become the official state soda of Texas. Turns out other states do have official drinks, the majority of them have milk as their official drink. I think only one state should be allowed to have milk, not TWENTY. Turns out, only one state has an official state soft drink.

Up in Kentucky, they have Ale-8-One, pronounced as A Late One. Meaning it was the latest thing in soft drinks. The soda has gone by that name since 1926 and is still going strong to this day. I had never heard of it, until I did that Dr. Pepper story. The company sent me some to try and I shared the case with the whole station.

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Townsquare Media

The original Ale-8-One is a ginger soda, which is honestly pretty good. If you were like me, you got ginger ale when you had a sore throat. So I kinda associate ginger soda with being sick, but I would pick up another bottle of this for sure. Turns out, just last year they added a cherry flavor.

I'm telling you, if you like cherry, you want to find this soda. Ale-8-One cherry, tastes like a cherry Icee melted, but it doesn't have that watered down taste. It's all cherry and super tasty. They should not have sent me a case because I am gonna steal these from all my coworkers.

Sadly, we can't get this soda in stores in Texoma. However, Cracker Barrel does have a partnership with them. So if you go to a Cracker Barrel in our area and see a bottle, pick one up. Hopefully, we can say our state has the other official soda in the future. I have never been to Kentucky in my life, but I can say they make a darn good soda.

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