Somebody needs to call up those meddling kids and their dog. There's a mystery in Borger involving the circus and a bunch of flyers that have been posted all over town.

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Have You Seen The Flyers For A Circus In Borger?

Apparently, you wouldn't be alone if you've seen them and walked away with questions. The posters in question advertise a circus that will be in town on October 5. They even mention that there's a way to get your kid in free.

Sounds like a decent time out on the town, right? Wrong.

Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash
Photo by Mark Williams on Unsplash

The City of Borger took to Facebook earlier today to address these flyers. Things got interesting pretty fast.

Sad News; The Circus Isn't Coming To Borger

The City of Borger made a post alerting citizens to the fact that there is no circus scheduled to be at The Dome on Oct 5. They even recommend against trying to purchase tickets for the show.

If you aren't content to take the City's word for it, you can check out the website listed on the flyer. Borger isn't listed in the "upcoming events" portion of their site. There's nothing about Borger anywhere.

This makes me wonder if King Ryder Circus even knows that these have been posted all over Borger. If it wasn't them, then who would it be?

Does Anyone Know Who Would Put Up These Flyers?

I've been trying to come up with theories as to who it might have been, and I'm having a hard time. The poster looks somewhat legit, especially considering the website seems to be the actual website for the circus in question.

It's just that Borger isn't listed on their site. I seriously doubt they had anything to do with it.

Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash
Photo by Zachary Kadolph on Unsplash

Maybe someone tried getting the circus to visit Borger, or had been in talks with them to come to Borger, and didn't tell anyone. That includes not telling the circus and the City of Borger. They took it upon themselves to spread the word without clearing it with the circus or the City.

Stranger things have happened in the Texas panhandle.

Are The Circus Posters Part Of Some Scam?

I wish I could see the top of the poster in the social media post. I would call it a scam if there was a place listed for you to purchase tickets for a Borger show, but there isn't one. Even on the circus' website.

Maybe this is all just a big misunderstanding? Who the hell knows.

Thanks for keeping the panhandle interesting, Borger.

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