Amarillo residents are reporting a new scam that is showing up on their phones.

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The Amarillo Police Department Violent Crimes said that scammers are sending text messages that contain photos and crime numbers taken from the Amarillo Police Department social media and website.

Amarillo Police Department
Amarillo Police Department
Amarillo Police Department
Amarillo Police Department

The scammers are threatening arrest if these people don't pay.   These scammers are coming up with crimes, the victims didn't commit.  They are claiming to be APD officers, by using photos and their number of arrests and crimes solved.

Keep in mind, the APD will never use a text message to request money.   Furthermore, they won't threaten to arrest anyone over text message.

If an actual police officer were to text a threat like this, this would be considered a crime and would have to be investigated.

This is a scam.

All these scammers are doing is, hoping they scare you enough that you will send them money ASAP.

However, if you have been affected by a scam like this, make and online report at, or call the Amarillo Police Department at 806-378-3038.

Scammers are everywhere and on every platform.  Before panicking always try to think clearly and verify.  If you receive a text message like the one described above, call the police directly and don't respond to the text.  Always be leery of texts, emails and phone calls who threaten you.

Scammers are finding new and even more sneaky ways of trying to get your money.  Don't give them the opportunity.

Stop, Think, Verify.  Always ask questions!

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