A new survey by the dating site Elite Singles reveals that 71% of people like TV dates, but only if the two daters have the same taste in shows. Read on for other findings.

We've all done the "Netflix and chill" dates.  But you can "turn off" your date if you are not careful.

  • 63% of singles think that liking the right TV shows can make a person appear more interesting
  • 82% of singles think that having the same taste in TV shows makes a person more attractive.
  • 22% of singles are turned off by Doctor Who watchers

What shows are best to watch on a "TV date"?  Here's a guide thanks to moviefone.com:

First you need an icebreaker. Something light an funny.  Moviefone recommends "Bob's Burgers". That is a show that brings a lot of "street cred".  Lots of inside jokes for you and your date to laugh about for days to come.

As far as romantic shows go, the recommend the Judd Apatow-produced "Love".  Funny, sweet, and a bit neurotic.

After a few TV dates, then hit the sexy shows.

TV dating is a good way to bond and be cheap at the same time.  Read the whole article HERE.

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