A new survey by food delivery service Yelp Eat24 finds that 80% of Americans have made excuses to stay home, rather than go out with friends. Read on for other findings. 

  • 30% of Americans would rather do household chores than go out with friends.
  • Top excuses to stay home include that people "hate spending money," are "too tired," and "don't wanna be around people."
  • Top activities among those staying at home include sleeping, eating, movies, and TV.
  • 30% of Americans get "disappointed" by nights out.
  • Over 33% of respondents say they feel stressed and anxious about going out.

According to thoughtcatalog.com, here's some ways to get out of going out with your friends without making them angry:

  1. Keep Your Excuses From Being Too Complicated.  Never put more than three things in your excuse.
  2. If you hardly ever cancel because of sickness, then that's the thing to do. However, don't make that your "go to" excuse.  If you use it too often, your friends will suspect something.
  3. If you know in advance that you don't want to do anything, lay the groundwork well in advance.

Now, hit the couch, get the popcorn, and chill!

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