As a dad, my favorite part of the Santa myth is when you leave cookies out for the big guy. If you know, you know.

House Method recently did a survey trying to see what cookies were the most popular across the US at Christmas. Here is what they found out.

Texas breaks away from the national trend when it comes to our favorite Christmas cookie. The majority of states prefer sugar cookies with frosting.

In Texas, we prefer chocolate chip cookies around the holidays. Here's the breakdown:

House Method
House Method

Coming in third place was the classic gingerbread. Snickerdoodle, gingersnap, and short bread round out the bottom of the most popular.

Also mentioned in the study are sugar cookies without frosting, seasonal Oreos, and Trader Joe's Peppermint Joe-Joes.

"Other" walked away with 5.5% of the vote.

Chocolate chip cookies to me are the cookie. They've always been my favorite. Whether homemade or Nabisco, you can't go wrong with chocolate chip.

You can read more on the study and other holiday studies by following this link to House Method's website.

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