Love is in the air!  Valentine's Day is tomorrow, so you better get ready.  If you are thinking, 'I'm off the hook this year, my girls said I she doesn't want anything,'  think again!  Women say things they don't mean, and saying they don't want anything is the biggest lie of them all.

There are many mysteries to women, so I am here to help you solve them.  A woman may say she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day for a number of reasons.  Maybe you are going through a tough time financially and she doesn't want to add stress or maybe she is testing you.  Well, here are 5 things women say and what they really mean.  I hope this helps, lol.

1. Don't Get Me Anything For Valentine's Day

When a woman says this, there are two things she could mean.  1: I don't want to be a bother or added stress.  2: This is a test and I want to see if you pass.  It doesn't matter what you are going through, she really wants something.  Every woman wants to be remembered on Valentine's day.  If you're on a budget a single rose and a card would go a long way!

2.  I Hate Valentine's Day

No woman actually hates Valentine's Day.  They probably have never been given a good Valentine's Day to actually like it.  Deep down every woman loves the idea of love.

3. Valentine's Day Is Just A Holiday For Companies To Make Money

While this may be true, there are other ways to celebrate the day.  Women do like to feel like they are following, they want to lead.  So if they say that Valentine's Day is too commercialized, it doesn't mean that she doesn't want to be recognized on that day.  Instead, make her dinner or use your personal talents to make her something special.

4. You Don't Have To Buy Me Flowers

To buy flowers or not?  Yes, the answer is always yes.  Your love may say 'oh don't spend money on any flowers,' but that isn't what she is really thinking.  On Valentine's Day everyone in the office is going to be getting flowers, if she is the only one who doesn't, she will be disappointed.  You want your love to know she is loved so make sure to send her some nice flowers.

5. I'm On A Diet So No Chocolates!

It's Valentine's Day and what is Valentine's Day without chocolates?  So maybe she is saying instead of going nuts and buying the biggest box of chocolates you can find, get me a small box.  But what woman doesn't love chocolates?

So when you are thinking about Valentine's day just remember women LIE!  I don't know why, but we do.  We don't want to seem needy or a pest.  No matter what is said, just know that deep down all women love the thought of love.  So buy the flowers, candy and romance them.  If you are on a budget a card and single rose go a long way.  It isn't about how much money you spend but that you thought of them on this day of love.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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