If you knew you were leaving for good and would never return, What are some things you would have to do?

First of all, let's exclude saying goodbye to friends and family. That is a given. If you knew today was your last day in Amarillo, where do you go first? Here is a plan I put together if I was leaving today.

I going to assume the weather is perfect on this day. So I would get up and take a quick walk around Medi Park. My son and I love the playground there. We also love to feed the ducks.

After a quick walk, I am going to hit up one of Amarillo's best breakfast places. I am thinking Calico County. I love their breakfast menu. I want to make sure I fill up for a long morning of fun.

Next, I would head on over to Pride Home Center Inc. and pick up some spray paint. I want to leave my mark on Amarillo with some graffiti. But don't worry, I am doing it at the same place a lot of other people have done it, Cadillac Ranch. Once I am done spraying my name on all the cars it's off to the next stop.

After that, I am going out to a place where you can soak in a great view, Palo Duro Canyon. I want to get to one of the highest points and just take it all in. Before I leave I want to stop at Palo Duro Canyon Adventure Park. I want to feel the thrill of zip lining across the Canyon.

By this point, it should be lunch time. I know I am going to want sushi for lunch. Sure you can get sushi anywhere in the country. But I have a favorite place here in Amarillo. I am going to go to Bangkok-Tokyo on Western. The service is great there and I get the same thing every time. You have to try their Philly Roll and their Volcano Roll. Yum!

I would never think of leaving Amarillo without taking my son to the Don Harrington Discovery Center one last time. He has so much fun there. I love that the exhibits are fun and interactive. They also have the exhibits that change throughout the year too. He has a great time when he is there and he learns a lot too.

My son likes looking at cars. Especially the classic cars. There is a great place to go to check out some real beauties. Bill's Backyard Classics is located on South Washington. If you love old cars that still look great! This is the place to go.

It is dinner time. I would never leave Amarillo without saying I at least tried the biggest challenge in the country. The 72 oz steak from The Big Texan. I don't think I would be able to do it.  But I want to say I tried.

Finally, to wrap up the day, I would take my son to Wonderland Park. We had a lot of fun there last few summers. It was the place where he built up the courage to ride the big boy rides. He is 8 and still not tall enough for the Texas Tornado. But he is ok with his daddy going without him. He rather be safe on the ground watching me.

Did I miss anything? What would you do with your last day in Amarillo? Tell us in the comment section below.


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