It's one of the most anticipated times of year in Amarillo. You know, the moment the trees and flowers start to bloom. When the temperatures start stabilizing themselves to where you can start putting away the sleeves and pants.

When spring hits on the calendar, life is good. We do more activities outdoors, and don't complain about the wind as much. I mean, it's getting warmer so we encourage the wind to cool us down a bit. It's also the time of year when an Amarillo favorite opens their doors.

Did you catch on already? I'm sure you did. We are of course talking about Wonderland and the anticipation of those doors opening. Well guess what? That's THIS WEEKEND! Yes, Wonderland is opening just a touch sooner than they usually do this year as the doors will open up Easter weekend.

The 73rd season of the park will kick off Saturday, March 30 and be open from 1-6 pm. Then on Easter Sunday, the doors will once again open up at 1 pm, but stay open a couple of hours later until 8 pm.

All your favorites will return for another year at the park such as the Texas Tornado, the Pipeline Plunge, the Himalaya, and the Wonder Wheel where you can see everything happening in the park! It's also a good way to spot your kids when you can't find them, not that I know from experience.

Full full park details including hours, pricing, and to purchase advance tickets, visit the Wonderland Park website here.

What Do I Have to Do to Go to Wonderland

All the great rides of Wonderland Park in Amarillo

Gallery Credit: Melissa Bartlett

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