Whataburger is celebrating their Seventieth anniversary. Tradition says that’s a platinum gift, but Whataburger is celebrating with free burgers. Buy one get one. But you need to jump on this fast, anniversary burgers end Sunday.

What’s the hoop you need to jump through? The offer is only redeemable by presenting the offer when ordering by opening the barcode on the Whataburger app or online order. The order must include at least one No. 1 Whataburger, and add-ons are an additional fee. The limit is one offer per customer.

Orders can be made by signing into an existing Whataburger account or creating an account by downloading the Whataburger App.

In other news Whataburger announced Monday that President Ed Nelson was promoted to CEO effective immediately.

Nelson, a 16-year employee of Whataburger, guided Whataburger through a change of ownership and a global pandemic with the launch of its curbside and delivery service to its restaurants across 10 states, while also announcing plans to begin franchising for the first time in 20 years. The company said the opportunity will allow the Whataburger to open even more restaurants in more areas.


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