OK, its that time of the year again where for a week you hear fireworks going off all around the neighborhood. Yes I've heard it on my side of town and you know it is going to be going on for another week. This is the Fourth of July, showing America pride. The question is where do we get these fireworks?  Who has the best deals?

June 24th was the first day fireworks went on sell here in Texas, but the shops closes up on the 4th of July. One week for deals ,so here are few of Firework Stands to go check out.


Mr. D's Fireworks- 1/2 a mile south of I-40 out on Whitaker Rd.  With a buy and shoot here deal, open all week till midnight and them daily deals on their Facebook.

TnT Fireworks in Dumas- South of Dumas on Hwy 287. Hey come help us with mission trips.  And if you need prayer come to the cross and lay your burdens down. Good deals here (My Family in Dumas says lol)

Grady Family TNT Fireworks- Georgia and Farmer's Avenue just south of Hillside.
Come see us Saturday & Sunday 10am-10pm! Free prizes for the kids!
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Specials!

Russel's Fireworks Warehouse- doing some traveling going towards Wichita Falls they have awesome deals and over half the price of everything.




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