Aging well has a lot to do with good genes. If you are lacking those genes, here's a places you can go to feel better.

Science Daily did a story about a study out of the UK. The study looked at the link between aging and exercise by comparing two groups of people between the 55 years old and 80 years old.

The ones who stayed active still had the muscle mass, body fat and cholesterol of someone half their age. Plus the men's testosterone levels were still high.

The more surprising part was that their immune system was very strong. They had the immunity of someone in their 20 or 30's.

But the people who did not stay active did't have the same results. They allowed their bodies to age with time.

So the best thing you can do, especially if you are young is stay active and maybe hit the gym as much as possible.

Here a few gyms in our area that you can try.



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