There is no surprise we really love our beer. There are so many different ones to try. It seems they are always coming out with ones that are good for us.

Whether it is a lite beer or low calories. We have many of those to choose from now too. Here is a new one that is trying to win over your affection and it is actually targeted to those who workout.

Those that leave the gym and need to replenish their electrolytes. I am not even kidding here. The company behind this healthy beer is Sam Adams. It's called 26.2 Brew.

The beer contains around the same alcohol level as a light beer and it's made with Himalayan sea salt which helps replenish your electrolytes.

Now just so you know that it is definitely not as good for you as water or Gatorade after you are working out. This is for those who like having a beer after a workout. Or even for those who reward themselves with a beer afterwards. Now there is an option that is better for you.

So next time you have the desire to have a beer when you leave the gym, make sure you stock up on the 26.2 Brew from Sam Adams. Now I need to head to the store and find them.

This sounds like a pretty interesting find.


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