Today is National Voter Registration Day, and would be the perfect time to get registered before the big elections coming up in November.

Here is where to register to vote in Randall and Potter Counties.

For Randall County:

1604 5th Ave

Canyon, TX

For Potter County:

900 S. Polk St. #418

Amarillo, TX

The voting process is one that we hold dear, and over the years has become a hot topic for debate. Is it simple enough for everyone to use? Is the registration process easy enough to use?

The hardest part is figuring out where to go. I was shocked when I tried a simple Google search for “Where to register to vote in _________ County.”

I was taken to websites that wouldn’t just give me a simple physical address to go to. Just P.O. Boxes to mail my registration form to.

Most of the information available gives you links to online forms to print out, fill out, and send in.

You can find those links HERE for the form to fill out via VoteTexas. Plus, it will give you the requirements for registration.

Finally, I got the addresses for both Randall and Potter Counties. Happy Voter Registration Day!

Also, if you ever need to find the physical address for a place and don't see the information displayed out in the open, just check the tabs marked "CONTACT" or "CONTACT US."


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