I am a huge fan of true crime. I spend hours watching Investigation Discovery Channel. I am not one of those people that tries to solve a crime. I like to watch the story unfold. One of the cases that need an ending to it is the Thomas Brown Mystery out of Canadian.

How can this have been kept quiet for so long? It just doesn't make sense. Somebody knows what happened. Someone knows how he died. Luckily there are plenty of resources out there to follow along if you are not up to speed on the case.

If you are one that wants to see if they can solve the mystery or if you just want to know what lead up to his death and how long it took to find his body. Just checking out all the avenues. You can be an expert on this case.

Not sure if it will get us closer to an ending but maybe it will. I mean it may take fresh eyes to find something new in this case. So let's get started on this task.


Just search for Thomas Brown and you will have a ton of stuff come up. There is new stuff being released all of the time. There are years and years of news stories and documentaries.


If you want to follow along and listen to a podcast, there is a nine-part podcast called "Tom Brown's Body". The Texas Monthly team put this one out. You can find it on Spotify and IHeart, or anywhere you get your podcasts.

There is even this podcast from Unfound. Check it out for even more information.


Of course, people have put their two cents together and have written blog after blog about the case. I mean it's an interesting read.  There is a blog last updated in 2020 from True Crime Society on the case.

There really is not a lack of information just a lack of answers. This family needs closure. They need to know who did this. How this happened. They need to be able to lay Thomas to rest. They can't do that because his body is still in evidence. There will not be peace until this story has answers.

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