Are you single and ready to mingle? You may want to head to the Midwest.

Financial site Kiplinger recently put together a list of the 10 best cities for singles, doling out top honors to Ann Arbor, MI.

Rather than simply taking into account which locales have the most unmarried people or the best male-to-female ratios, Kiplinger used far more practical considerations — like income, cost of living and how much money a date will set you back.

In Ann Arbor, almost 55 percent of the households are comprised of single people, the cost of living is lower than average, the median household income is $59,065, and the average date-night tab is just under $24.

Kiplinger says the college town’s residents are also well-educated — more than half hold at least a bachelor’s degree. And thanks to the city’s university students, the population is relatively young, with one in four being between 20 and 34 years old. In addition, Ann Arbor’s strong tech, medicine and education sectors mean overall salaries are well above the national average.

Here’s the entire top 10 (check out Kiplinger for a full break-down of each one):

1. Ann Arbor, MI

2. Bloomington, IL

3. Santa Cruz, CA

4. Baltimore, MD

5. Los Angeles, CA

6. Philadelphia, PA

7. Trenton, NJ

8. New York City, NY

9. Durham, NC

10. Iowa City, IA