As we all know Amarillo has many construction projects underway at the same time. Be nice if we can make one done today.

Last year we covered all the road construction projects underway with costs and expected end dates.

The list of road work projects around town continue to grow. Here a few of the projects currently underway.

The right lanes on Soncy will be closed at the intersections of 34th and 45th Avenues for installation of foundations for new signal poles.

The left lane of Soncy Road will be closed from Amarillo Blvd to Hillside Road for delineation work on the new medians.

Lane Closures on Amarillo Blvd at Taylor, Pierce, Fillmore, and Buchanan Streets for installation of signal heads.

I-40 Eastbound frontage roads, there will be various lane closures from Whitaker Road to Nelson Street for patch repairs.

All these repairs are part of a multi-million dollar project to make getting around Amarillo easier. Of course right now, with all the work being done. It's make it a little harder to get around.

If you had magic powers to make just ONE of these roads done right now, which one would it be and why? Which road would make your life a lot easier if you did not have to deal with construction? Tell us in the comment section below?

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