Whitney Port has reportedly joined her fellow former The Hills co-star, Lauren Conrad, in impending motherhood.

Port revealed the news of her pregnancy on Instagram today (February 9), uploading a photo of her burgeoning baby bump along with the caption, "Oh hey! Just standing by the window in my underwear, with a BABY in my belly!!! DM me if you know what I'm supposed to do with this thing for how ever many years I'm supposed to be in charge."

"Check out my blog for a little letter from me & Timmy," the caption continues, "and for more behind the scenes of this crazy journey!!!! We are sooooo excited!!!!"

In her blog post, Port wrote that the pregnancy came as a surprise to her and husband Tim Rosenman, but they’re nonetheless excited to start their own family.

"I peed on a stick and now I’m going to be a Mom! Timmy and I were a bit shocked, but so excited to begin this journey,” she wrote before confirming she’ll keep fans updated with her progress throughout the length of her pregnancy.

"I can’t wait to be a Mom," Port added, "but the fact that there is another person inside there is seriously crazy!"

Here's to hoping for a Hills: Next Generation revival 20 years down the line.

Head over to Whitney Port's official website to read her full blog post and check out her maternity photos.

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