When it comes to pro-wrestling, it's impossible to ignore the impact Texas has had on the sport. Texas has produced some of the biggest names and talents that the sport has to offer.

Who is your favorite wrestler from Texas? Here's a quick list to get you started.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

That's right. Stone Cold himself is a native son of the Lone Star State. Stone Cold was born in Austin, TX.

The Undertaker

I will never forget the first time I saw The Undertaker. It was back when Paul Bearer carried around an urn that allowed him to somewhat control the deadly Undertaker. The Undertaker is from Houston.

Eddie Guerrero

One of my favorites, Eddie was born in El Paso.

The Tri-Funk-Ta

The Funks are legends, and it's not just because of their hometown connections to the panhandle. Dory Funk Sr., Dory Funk Jr., and Terry Funk never missed an opportunity to take the sport to new levels, and to make sure they gave their all for their fans. If you see a list of "Best Wrestlers From Texas" out there, and it doesn't have a single Funk on it, educate that person.

Dusty Rhodes

I loved watching Dusty Rhodes. His persona and charisma was hard to match. Dusty was born in Austin, TX.

Jake The Snake

One of my all-time favorite wrestlers, Jake The Snake was born in Gainesville, TX. His legacy is definitely one of tragedy and triumph, in the ring and out of it. Some of my favorite moments in wrestling are thanks to Jake, and his snake.


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