Radio rivalry is nothing new to us, we've been dealing with it for a while and we will deal with it til the end of time. But this one is pretty funny. We think it might have to do with 100.9 The Eagle or the Phillidelphia Eagles either way it's a pretty cool addition to our station building.

I mean if you take the time out of your busy day to plan something like this, of course we are gonna appreciate the artwork and doodles.

They started in on the trash can but gave up. There are so many one liners for this.

Credit TSM Amarillo
Credit TSM Amarillo

But really we don't have anything bad to say about other stations. We are all working behind the scenes to bring entertainment to the community. There is no possible way we would waste any time away from what we do in the community to start a rivialry with any station.

If you happen to have any information about this let us know, for now we are just checking the cameras and laughing.


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