When it comes to cell phones the question is...Who has the best cell phone service in town? People can go back and forth on who they like best, and there are many to choose from. When it comes to cell phones you want the best cell phone out there. You need a phone that can take good pictures, record good video, record great audio, has the cheapest rates, and good customer service! Your choices of cell phone providers are Sprint T-mobileAT&T, Boost Mobile, Verizon, and Clear Talk. But move over big dogs because their is a new cell phone provider that I'm really familiar with from when I used to live in Denver, and it's called Cricket.

I have been a T-mobile customer for about five years now, just up until two months ago I discontinued my service with T-mobile for certain reason that I choose not to rant about them and about their services (make sure you read all their fine print). Anyways I have been cell phone-less for two months and now I can't handle it! Haha...I'm kinda thinking maybe Cricket because I remember it was a no contract and a one flat rate service. But that was years ago, so I'm gonna look into it getting back on with them.

Who here in Amarillo is using Cricket services that can get me some more info?

Well looks like I'll be getting a cell phone soon so I can post some videos of me doing crazy stuff out in the streets! So I wanna see which cell phone provider is most used out her. Answer my poll below.

Who's your favorite cell phone provider?

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