People have been telling me for years that I needed to get one of these salads from a local pizza place. I finally did and now I'm hooked.

What are they putting in the salads at Pizza Planet?

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Locals Will Tell You They're Amazing

The idea of going to a pizza place for a salad seems a bit silly, at least if you're not from around here. To test this out, I asked three people about Pizza Planet salads.

One, who has been here for a handful of years, wasn't sure what I was talking about. The one who had just recently moved here didn't see the allure of pizza place salad.

The person who grew up here lost their mind at just the mention of it, and hasn't stopped talking about it for going on two hours now.

What Is In The Salad That Makes It So Special

I wish I knew. If I did, I would put it in all of the vegetables I fail to get my kids to eat.

The set up is pretty straightforward. You have lettuce and cheese. Black olives can be added if you're into that kind of thing. Add in some ham, and you're done.

What is in those three ingredients that makes this thing a staple of local culinary lore?

My Theory: Look At The Lettuce

I think it's the lettuce. If you look at the lettuce, it isn't leafy. It's shredded. That's the only thing I can come up with. There's absolutely nothing special about this salad, except that people can't get enough of it.

Maybe it's a testament to the quality of their ingredients. Who knows at this point?

It's a pretty unassuming salad. However, this unassuming salad is championed by locals in the same way you would expect them to be devoted to a home-town sports team.

If you haven't tried one out yet, go for it. Just be warned, you'll be joining a salad minded cult, and there's no way out once you're in.

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