Amarillo is somewhat of a normal city and can get a bit crazy every now and then, but my question is, why is there a naked man walking around Downtown Amarillo?

I have so many questions.

1.  Why is he naked and walking around downtown?

Who just walks around downtown naked?

2. Did the wind blow his clothes off?

I mean seriously, this is a huge possibility today.

3.  Is this a walk of shame, did he get kicked out of someone's apartment?

It happens, you tick someone off or say the wrong thing and boom, you're locked out naked.

4. Is this a political statement?

It's been done before so why not now and in Amarillo in the middle of December.

5. Is he just a nudist and just taking a stroll?

Yeah, probably not.

I need these questions answered.  Last I heard he was somewhere around 8th street.

I wonder just how long this man will be able to continue his walk of nakedness.  I mean seriously, you know that the APD has received several calls about a naked man in Downtown Amarillo.

I mean I would gladly give him a blanket and some coffee until we found some clothes for him.

I must admit he must be pretty secure in himself to be trotting around Downtown Amarillo, showing off everything God gave him.  I mean seriously.

I also can't help but wonder how many honks he's gotten from passersby.  Plus, it's probably a good thing the kids are all in school because, I mean well, who needs and wants to answer those questions.

All I can say at least it's not freezing cold, like it usually is this time of year.  But man, he's gotta be getting sandblasted with all this wind.

If you know of why this man is naked and downtown, please let me know.

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