At a press conference Sunday afternoon at Jones AT&T Stadium in Lubbock, Texas Tech University Athletics Director Kirby Hocutt delivered a statement about the school's decision to release head coach Kliff Kingsbury two years before his contract was set to expire.

Texas Tech University confirmed the news that Kliff Kingsbury was fired shortly before the press conference. Hocutt revealed that he had spoken to Kingsbury early Sunday morning. However, the decision to fire him happened late Saturday night, Hocutt said.

According to Hocutt, the decision to fire Kingsbury wasn't a result of the team's loss in Arlington to Baylor Saturday. It was the result of a lack of progress and success spanning multiple seasons.

"This type of's not based on one game. This type of decision is not based on one season. This decision was made based on a three-year pattern of inconsistency," Hocutt said. "We didn't come here to win five, six games for our football season to end in November. There was a pattern of inconsistency that led us to this decision at this time. We saw progress at times, and we talked about that. We saw progress. But we also saw lapses of progress in key critical areas that, in the game of football, are critical to have the level of sense that we all want to have."

Hocutt thanked Kingsbury for representing the school "in a first-class manner over the past six years" and wished him success in the future. "He epitomizes class, and he is a Red Raider," he said.

The AD went on to thank the football team for their efforts this past season.

"The two things that they can control, their effort and their attitude, they have brought it each day," Hocutt said. "And that is greatly appreciated."

Hocutt closed out his opening statement with a promise to the fanbase.

"We will be elite in football again. I guarantee you, we will be elite in football again," Hocutt said. "This program has been there before, and we'll get there again. We will bring back our edge. The spirit that's lived right here in Jones AT&T stadium's still there. You can hear it at times; it just needs to be rekindled. And we will light it. Red Raider nation -- we will light it, and we will be elite.

You can watch Hocutt's full opening statement below.

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