Will it ever rain again? The short answer is YES. But it sure hasn't felt like it lately around the Texas panhandle. Since October of last year we have only had a few instances of precipitation and only 1 really good day of rainfall. According to local weather experts, our luck could change a little this coming weekend!

Credit: TropicalTidbits.com
Credit: TropicalTidbits.com

Right now, the forecast models are showing a setup that brings moisture-rich air back to the panhandle leading the way for some showers and even a few thunderstorms. While there isn't much severe weather expected, we could see a couple isolated strong storms with the main threat being some gusty winds and a few areas of heavy rain. We will see cool temperatures ahead as well which won't allow for the instability needed to produce many thunderstorms. 1-2 inches of rainfall is going to be possible in some parts of the region.

Timing of this welcomed rainfall event will be primarily late Friday through the day on Saturday.

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