Will Smith's rap catalog has taken him to the beaches of Miami and out to the Wild, Wild West, but his latest effort, a feature on a remix of Bomba Estereo's Latin Grammy-nominated "Fiesta," has sent him on a one-way trip to Colombia, and he seems more than happy to hang out for awhile.

The updated "Fiesta," Smith's first music project since the 2005 release of Lost and Found, is a bit of electronica with a fiery South American flare, which, according to The Guardianwas what inspired Smith to join on in the first place. The site says he heard the group for the first time during a recent trip to Colombia, and sought them out to nail down a cameo.

Evidently, they were happy to oblige.

"When I was told that Will Smith wanted to collaborate on a remix with Bomba, I couldn’t believe it,” Simon Mejia, the group's founder, said in a statement, according to The Guardian. “This opportunity to work with Will was beyond anything we have dreamed of...it’s just magic.”

And on "Fiesta," the magic might just come from the lyrics—a mix of English and Spanish—that include the following:

"Hola mamacita / Go get me a beer-a"

A beer-a.

What do you think of the Fresh Prince's return to music? Take a listen and tell us if it'll make your party playlist.

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