A woman is furious at how her longtime boyfriend handled her birthday but believes he gave her the best gift of all – her freedom.

On Reddit, u/BlueJayBookworm explained how her birthday began with her S.O. sending her a break-up text and refusing to see her. Now he is claiming that it was "just a prank."

"I'd been friends with Dan for like two years, and we were together for three years," she wrote in her post.

"In a lot of ways, we really clicked, but one point of conflict was that he always took jokes too far," she explained.

The woman recounted that it was her birthday, and she was at work when she received a text from her boyfriend asking her to come over because they "needed to talk."

He continued to tell her that things "weren't working."

Crushed and heartbroken, she revealed that she cried in the bathroom with her "work bestie."

"I was angry enough that I let my friend take my phone, so I wouldn't say anything I regretted, and she ended up just sending back 'k' and then blocking him," she continued.

"My boss came into the bathroom and found me crying. I said I'd just been dumped by text, and it was my birthday, too, and she gave me the rest of the day off work and told me to file it as sick leave, which was super kind of her," she explained.

The woman says that when she left work, she went to her boyfriend's house, collected all her belongings, and left his house keys on the table.

Later that evening, the woman went out for drinks with friends and vented over her disastrous birthday situation.

"I vented about how sudden it was, how it felt out of nowhere because we had plans to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together with his family, how we were starting to talk about getting engaged, and how I wanted to unblock him and actually talk," she wrote.

"When I actually did call my ex the next day, he was getting upset with me about how I didn't come by to talk, [and said], get this ... it was a f----ing prank," the woman furiously revealed, adding, "He was also upset I was ignoring his calls and texts and that I wasn't home when he came to my apartment that night."

The woman claims her boyfriend was hoping to surprise her with a fancy dinner date on a boat, followed by drinks at an exclusive rooftop bar.

"I didn't buy it at first, and I was like, 'You can't just change your mind about breaking up and make some s--t up.' He said it was seriously just a joke," the woman told Reddit.

"I said that I just wasn't interested in being with someone who'd dumped me over text, whether it was 'jUsT a pRaNk BrO' or not," she adds, claiming that she has since re-blocked him.

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