2020 has been a roller coaster year, and not the fun type of roller coaster.  As spring moves into summer in the Texas panhandle, outdoor attractions and events are pretty much on hold until sanctions due to the COVID-19 pandemic are lifted or eased.

Sports have been all but wiped off the calendar for the season and amusement parks and resorts are in a state of limbo, including Amarillo’s Wonderland Park.  The nearly seventy year old park has traditionally opened the week before Easter, but with the coronavirus striking at that time the park was not listed as an essential business. Paul Borchardt told our media partner KVII TV “We won’t be able to open in increments because of the square footage that we have to have and the number of people that we have to have to man our facility. That’s the big question, but, more importantly, is the sanitation of 17 acres for the people when they come in.”

Wonderland Park traditionally has been open Tuesday through Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 96.9 KISS FM is a summer staple of the park and will be live on location Wednesdays throughout the summer.  This will be Wonderland Parks 69th season and the park is monitoring the COVID-19 mandates issued by state, federal and city officials and will keep updates on the Wonderland Park website.

You can still charge or buy a Wonderland Park WOW card online on their website.

Wonderland Park is also a great summer job and a job application is available here.

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