Wonderland Park is having a casting call for the new faces of their advertising campaign.

Amarillo has very limited entertainment, especially for kids. However, in the summer months, Wonderland Park is a source of safe fun for all ages. There are tons of rides suitable for kids, but the Texas Tornado and Drop of Fear keep the adults thrilled.

If Wonderland brings you so much joy that you want to share it with the world, join the 'WOW Crowd!'

The 'WOW Crowd' is made up of enthusiastic individuals whose faces can be seen on all of the Wonderland Park billboards, TV commercials, and social media campaigns.

Wonderland is looking for a new 'WOW Crowd' to represent them in 2016. If you think this opportunity is perfect for you, send them your best 'WOW!' face. The winner will be assigned to a photo or video shoot and featured at the forefront of Wonderland's advertisements.

Good luck!


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