A new survey by the event planning company Paint Tonight reveals that it takes an average of 5.5 years before a single person finds Mr. or Mrs. Right. Read on for other findings.  Some of these stats are crazy!

  • The average person will spend $20,276 on dating before they get married.  (That's enough for a new car!!!)
  • $43.50 is spent per date
  • Dinner is the most popular date activity followed by movies, traveling and sightseeing
  • 10% of people like to play sports on a date.
  • 50% of people believe men should pay for the first date
  • 20% of people believe the person who suggested the date should pay for it.
  • 20% of men have made a first move by pretending to stretch.  (LAME!)


1. Good manners
2. An attractive appearance
3. A smile
4. Great personality
5. A sense of humor


1. Bad manners/Offensive/Rude
2. Bad breath
3. Too negative
4. Burping out loud/other bodily noises
5. Unattractive physical appearance

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