Join us this Friday as we wrap your gifts for free! We hire professional gift wrappers to do the work.

They have the wrapping paper, tape, ribbon and name tags.  All you have to do is bring your gifts to get wrapped up!  They don't, however, have boxes so if you need if your gift needs one, be sure to bring that with you. Only 10 gifts per family is what's allowed.We know that Christmas can sneak up on you, so we want to relieve some of that stress.  Our wrappers do an awesome job and make your gifts look amazing!  Plus, we will have Santa Claus on site with us taking pictures so bring your own camera.  So if you need someone to distract the kids while you sneak their presents to the wrapping table. Join us this Friday at Sam's Club on Soncy from 3pm-6pm to get your gifts wrapped!

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