Wow! Are you serious... I've seen people with drug charges get a harsher penalty then this. Today Michael Paul Buse will spend 111 days and pay a $5000 fine on the manslaughter charge he plead guilty to. His girlfriend Daisy Ruth Strout was killed in 2010 over an argument they had.

Police documents said that:

"The couple had argued in a Chevrolet Avalanche in the 1220 block of South Georgia Street before Strout left the SUV and Buse ran over her."

According to District Attorney Randall Sims said the plea agreement was reached after consulting with Strout’s relatives.

“Considering all the facts/evidence of the case and speaking with the victim’s family, this plea agreement was reached with the defendant with the full support of the victim’s family,” Sims said in a news release.

I understand in forgiving but this crime was intentionally done to a innocent mother!

What do you think....

Do you think justice was served in this case?

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