As long as I have lived in the panhandle, West Texas A&M's white buffalo, has stood guard, on a hill along side Kimbrough Memorial Stadium.Yesterday, it moved, It's due for some cleaning and painting, before it heads to it's new home.

The White Buffalo will greet fans at WT's new football stadium when the on-campus field opens for it's first 2019 home game. It didn't have a name when I was there, just the "White Buffalo." It was lit up at night, and I always glanced at it when I drove by.

It's a giant fiberglass, 1700 lb sculpture by Jack Hill who was paid $3,800 to design and build it. It occupied the space on the hill, since 1967.

Every college has a legend or two attached to it, and one of the first I heard at WT went" If a virgin ever graduates from WT, the White Buffalo will stampede Canyon." For what it's worth, I've never seen it move or flinch.

The White Buffalo was also the scene of several fraternity hi-jinks. I can publicly admit, I have sat on that buffalo, and sang a few songs. That's about all I can say, regarding that evening. I have no doubt, that buffalo saw and heard many things, it could never repeat.

It's going to take a bit for me, to get use to driving by the stadium and know WT doesn't own it anymore. Canyon ISD does. The White Buffalo won't be there ever again. Will legends follow it to it's new home? I hope so.

I did my part, to keep it from stampeding Canyon. Did you?

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