I grew up going to Canyon schools. I spent most of my days in the fine city of Canyon. I wish when I was growing up that a swim team was something that was around for me.

When I moved from Chicago back in the mid eighties I was really big in swimming in my hometown. I was on the swim team. We went to meets all over the city of Chicago. The swim team was one of my most favorite memories of growing up in Chicago.

When I moved to Canyon that was one of the first things I asked about. Sadly there was no swim team When I ran across a post about a team now I thought wow have times changed. Apparently they have been around since the year 2000. If your kiddos have never been on a swim team i highly recommend it.

According to a post on a Canyon page from their swim team now is the time to get involved:

Want something fun for the kids this summer? Summer is a great time to see what the Canyon swim team is all about. We do practice year round. Summer is 8:30-9:30 am at the Canyon Aqua Park and rest of the year is usually at WT. Message us for more details


credit: Canyon Swim Team Facebool
credit: Canyon Swim Team Facebool

Again like any group sport swimming is a very valuable skill to learn. To be able to master all the strokes. To learn how to do that flip turn. Of course swimming is very good exercise too. So if this is something you ever considered doing you may want to check out the swim team in Canyon.

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