Bryan Singer has tweeted a new photo from the set of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' and it looks like James McAvoy's character has given over to a new power: Flower power.

Singer Tweeted this photo:

Singer describes the picture as 'Serpico,' which is the famous '70s cop film starring Al Pacino (and directed by Sidney Lumet), though considering that 'First Class' was set in 1962 -- and McAvoy doesn't look like he's aged a decade -- we're guessing this is more his mid to late '60s wear. And, even with the wheelchair, he wouldn't look out of place on a cover of a Beatles album.

Though we liked the film for a number of reasons, the period costumes was one of the reasons why 'X-Men: First Class' was so much fun to watch. As important as the characters were to that film, so were the settings and the fashion -- one of the great pleasures of the film was seeing familiar characters interacting in 1960s clothing, especially Michael Fassbender, who looked like he was ready to cameo on 'Mad Men.'

Singer has been tweeting pictures at a very steady pace, so we're going to be given a lot of behind-the-scenes looks at this film. Since it won't hit theaters until July 18, 2014, if you want to know the latest, follow Singer's Twitter account.